Thursday, January 16, 2014

Guest Post - Mark Puglisi (ACE) - ESA's first ACE

10 years ago we started the ACE program and on a hot day in June of 2004, Mark Puglisi (General Manager of Greenleaf Pest Control) walked out of the room as the first person on the planet who could honestly proclaim himself to be an Associate Certified Entomologist, as administered by the ESA.  In honor of our 10th anniversary, I asked Mark to write a few words about the program.

Why did I become an ACE?
Clearly I have developed a passion for my profession and the industry. As General Manager for Greenleaf Organic Pest Management it reflects my dedication and loyalty to the business.  We all have instances in our life that stay with us, mine came from my Dad when I was growing up.  He always worked hard at everything he did and told me early own in lifeno matter what you decide to do when you grow up, be the best at it as you can, even if it’s just pushing a broom”. 

I was with one of the largest pest control companies when I first heard about the Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE) and knew that I not only wanted to be a part of it, but wanted to be the first to acquire it.  10 years later, holding the first ACE certification, still is one of my proudest accomplishments in the pest control industry. 

How have I worked it into my business mix?
Let’s face it; pest control hasn’t always been a popular service among families, their children and pets because of the fear of the perceived danger of pesticides in general.  The Internet is a great resource for many things, including researching pesticides, insects and health concerns.  It also is filled with a lot of bad information.  35 years' experience brings a lot to the table when it comes to client’s questions, but the past 10 years have been the most rewarding to me because I have the ACE certification and as an Associate Certified Entomologist under the ESA program which brings credibility and trust.  I have incorporated portals in our webpage so potential clients have a free resource to “Ask the Pro” link and my blogs.  I truly believe that clients feel a great deal of trust and loyalty when their concerns and questions can be answered with their interest in mind.  

Why have I remained an ACE for the past 10 years?

Again, as the very first ACE I will always do whatever is required to meet the standards of the current requirements to renew my certification, it’s my personal validation.  It reminds me my love for what I do.  I literally wear this love of “bugs” on my sleeve.  Both of my arms are a visual passion of what I do in the form of tattoos.  Every day I learn something new and share my knowledge and experience with my employees so they can be the best they can while serving our community. 

Mark Puglisi, ACE (#A0001)
Greenleaf Organic Pest Management, Inc.
10940 Vanowen St.
North Hollywood, CA, 91605