Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Proctor's Role

I have received a number of questions about the role of the proctor since Pat Copps' excellent post earlier this week on proctoring exams. To further define the process, in brief, here is how you find a proctor and what you do then:

Finding a proctor can be a solo venture or a collaborative process between the applicant and ESA staff. It is incumbent on all certified individuals to help proctor exams if asked. Once you earn your credentials you may be asked to proctor for someone else. The process is this:
  1. Applicant decides that they are ready to test. Don't forget that there are rules about timing of tests. An applicant has up to a year to take their first attempt at the exam. If they don't get through on the first attempt, they must wait at least 3 months but not more than 12 to take it again. The applicant will usually receive at least one reminder of these deadlines via email before they arrive.
  2. Applicant (either on their own or with the help of ESA staff) finds a candidate nearby to proctor the exam. The rosters can be of great service in this process.
  3. Applicant and proctor coordinate on setting a date, time, and location for the exam (generally, but not always, the exams take place in the proctor’s office)
  4. That information is communicated to ESA staff (it is the applicant’s responsibility to communicate this information to staff, not the proctor’s, though sometimes that can be changed)
  5. Prior to the exam (generally on the Friday prior), ESA staff will send exam instructions to the proctor and a confirmation email to the applicant
  6. Applicant and proctor meet on the pre-arranged time and the exam(s) are taken on a computer (either brought by the applicant or supplied by the proctor)
  7. Preliminary scores are displayed on the screen upon submittal of the exam
  8. ESA staff or designee send a letter of congratulations or regrets that confirms the score
Your contact at ESA for scheduling ACE and BCE exams is Chris Stelzig, reachable via email at ace[at]entsoc.org or bce[at]entsoc.org or via phone at 301-731-4535, x3012.

Occasionally you may be able to take part in an ACE Prep Course and a proctored exam setting is often a part of that experience, though not always. Any prep courses that we know of will always be listed here on the ESA site.