Wednesday, July 25, 2012

ESA Enters a New Era ...

Under The Lens logo
OK, this is exciting. Well, at least for those of us who work with or for the urban pest management profession.

The Entomological Society of America (ESA) has long-hosted meetings that have become the standard bearer for academic conferences in entomology. A few months ago we started to wonder if we could apply that same rigor and level of expertise to the structural pest management industry. The result ....

Under the Lens: The Science of Urban Pest Management.

With unparalleled scientific credentials, ESA is proud to host two incredible learning opportunities targeted at the urban pest management industry. Timed to coincide with the ESA’s Annual Meeting in Knoxville, TN, this meeting is designed with the busy PMP in mind and is structured to allow participants to target their learning to fit their schedule.  Choose from a single-day session to a three-day session that includes testing to become ACE certified.

It all starts with Under The Lens: The Science of Urban Pest Management. The day will be full of educational sessions on emergent topics such as Invasive Urban Pests, Impacts of Recent Label Changes, New Developments in Bed Bug Management, and Entomology 101. ESA will seek CEU credit in the states of Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi (and possibly others). At no extra charge, attendees will have the opportunity to peruse the ESA’s Annual Meeting Exhibit Hall during breaks and at lunch to see some of the latest products and services in the field.

The following day will be a series of sessions designed to review the material that is on the ACE Exam. Attendees will hear industry professionals give instruction in entomology, biology, pest management, and more. An ACE Prep Course is designed to review materials that the applicant has already studied and truly hone their knowledge. ACE professionals combine the best talents of entomologists, pest control, and IPM practitioners.

For those who are ready for the challenge, ESA will host two mornings of testing in a proctored environment for the ACE exam. Successful candidates will be able to receive their new ACE materials as soon as they complete the exam.

We hope to see you there! Registration will be online soon.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Double Specialty

It does not happen that often, but my congratulations go out to Dr Andrew Mason Sutherland, our newest BCE who passed not just one, but two specialty exams.  Well done. Andy.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Newest ACE and BCE

Welcome to the program, gentlemen: Our congratulations go out to John Joseph Kane IV (Western Pest Services) the newest person to become a BCE and also to Blake Harston (Northwest Exterminating), our newest ACE. Jersey City, NJ and Sugar Hill, GA (respectively) just became a slightly more dangerous place to be an insect.

IPM and the PMP

I've been reading a great page from the folks over at that teaches managers of multi-family housing how to shop for a pest management professional.  My two favorite takeaways:

1) Know the difference between IPM and green technologies. Green more often than not refers to carbon impact. Green can be recycling office materials, fuel-efficient vehicles, or using energy-efficient light bulbs. And while it can also mean using lower-impact chemicals, that does not translate into being green per se.  Remember, if it kills insects, it is toxic.

2) Identifying the insect is critical to proper treatment. This is why entomology is such an important part of being a PMP.

And that is the real value of the BCE and ACE programs. We exist so that the public can rely on the fact that their PMP knows what the creature is and can treat it effectively and as safely as possible.