Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Certification Corporation Bylaws Updated

Bylaws are the guiding rules by which an organization operates. They define the how, what, and why of operations. As such, they should be well-thought out from the very beginning and adjusted only when necessary.

This is one of those times.

The ESA Certification Corporation arose out of the ESA and many of the Bylaws were adapted from current ESA rules and practices. As (a) the ACE program has continued to grow and thrive, and (b) additional stability was required for proper board management, it became apparent that a Bylaws adjustment was necessary in order to allow proper representation on the Certification Board.

Effective immediately, the following changes to the composition and structure of the Certification Board have taken place via an update to the ESA Certification Corporation Bylaws (See Article VII, Section 2):

  • An ACE Representative position has been created,
  • Terms of office are moving from one year to three years (see note below),
  • New rules are in place for appointment of candidates if none arise through the normal elections process, and
  • The two Ad Hoc positions have been clarified.

The 2015 officers of the Society are going to be elected in just a few weeks. Any candidates for the open seats should step forward soon and apply by COB on June 13th. Please visit the ESA Elections and Nominations page to nominate yourself or someone else for a seat on the Certification Board.

Staggered terms off office:
The positions on the board will be staggered so that approximately one third of all candidates rotate off each year. In order to achieve this, ESA is going to stagger the implementation of the three year terms.  For the 2015 positions (that would be elected in the summer of 2014), the Southeastern and North Central Branch representative positions will be elected to three year terms. The ACE position will be selected by a vote of all ACEs. All other positions are still for one year terms. The following year the Eastern and Southwestern Branches will elect to three year terms. The Governing Board will also appoint one of the Ad Hoc positions to a three year term. And then, completing the implementation, the 2017 officers will be selected for three-year terms in the summer of 2016. These would be the appointment of the second Ad Hoc position and the election of the International and Pacific Branch representatives.

ACE position:
The ACE representative does not need to be an ESA member to compete for the position. During the election all current ACEs will have the opportunity to vote for their representative.