Thursday, April 16, 2015

New ACEs and BCEs (March-April 2015)

Well done to the new class of ACEs and BCEs ....

Mr. K.  Wade McGuire, ACE, (Winfield Solutions), Katy, TX  USA.  Certified on 4/13/2015.
Mr. Thomas J. Kladar, BCE, (Monsanto Company), Saint Paul, MN  USA.  Certified on 4/13/2015.
Mr. Luis A. Agurto, Jr., ACE, (Pestec), San Francisco, CA  USA.  Certified on 4/10/2015.
Mr. A. Gabriel Bedell, ACE, (Pestec), San Francisco, CA  USA.  Certified on 4/10/2015.
Mr. John Thomas Byrd, ACE, (Byrd Pest Management), Patterson, CA  USA.  Certified on 4/10/2015.
Mr. Kevin Philip Holsopple, ACE, (Waltham Services LLC), Waltham, MA  USA.  Certified on 4/1/2015.
Mr. Timothy Christensen, BCE, (US Air Force), Fort Eustis, VA  USA.  Certified on 3/31/2015.
Mr. Carlos Campos, Sr., ACE, (Palm Spring Pest Control), Palm Springs, CA  USA.  Certified on 3/29/2015.
Mr. Michael Paul Thome, ACE, (Ehrlich Pest Control), Valley View, OH  USA.  Certified on 3/26/2015.
Mr. Thomas C Drapeau, Jr., ACE, (Freedom Pest Control), Topsfield, MA  USA.  Certified on 3/25/2015.
Mr. Eric J Campbell, ACE, (Ultra Safe Pest Management), Allston, MA  USA.  Certified on 3/25/2015.
Mr. Anthony Giovanni, ACE, (PestRx LLC), Hamden, CT  USA.  Certified on 3/25/2015.
Mr. Scott William Garafano, ACE, (Griggs & Browne Company Inc), Waterford, CT  USA.  Certified on 3/25/2015.
Mr. Michael J. Medeiros, ACE, (Griggs & Browne Pest Control), Buzzards Bay, MA  USA.  Certified on 3/25/2015.
Mr. John F Lavery II, ACE, (Abair Lavery, Inc.), West Hartford, CT  USA.  Certified on 3/25/2015.
Mr. Christopher J. Del Rossi, ACE, (Food and Drug and the Bug, LLC), Stoughton, MA  USA.  Certified on 3/25/2015.
Mr. Frederick Bako, ACE, (Ultra Safe Pest Management), Allston, MA  USA.  Certified on 3/25/2015.
Mr. Paul V. Hagerty, ACE, (MD Weaver Corp.), Natick, MA  USA.  Certified on 3/25/2015.
Mr. Russell E. Attebery, ACE, (Ecolab Pest Elimination), Lexington, NC  USA.  Certified on 3/19/2015.
Mr. David L.A. Cragoe, BCE, (Cragoe Pest Services), Thousand Oaks, CA  USA.  Certified on 3/17/2015.
Mr. Paul James Sheridan, ACE, (Western Exterminator Co.), Riverside, CA  USA.  Certified on 3/13/2015.
Mr. Michael Francis Eline, ACE, (University of Maryland at Baltimore), Baltimore, MD  USA.  Certified on 3/4/2015.