Monday, January 6, 2014

Guest Post: Forrest St. Aubin, BCE (Emeritus) -- Recent Change to the ACE Code of Ethics

The ACE Code of Ethics is the guiding document for all who attain the ACE certification. As such, it is important that all ACEs are aware of a new change that was approved by the ESA Certification Board during the November 2013 board meeting.

The board has discussed the term "Entomologist" in the past. Indeed, it has been a topic on this blog. The ACE was never intended as a way to make a person an entomologist.

To reiterate, passing the Associated Certified Entomologist test and then maintaining the certification does not constitute the creation of an entomologist. Rather, what it does is announces to the world that one has gained advanced entomological knowledge critical to the pest management industry. No inference should be made toward the achievement of college-ordained degree/s.

Taken directly from my notes during the second certification board meeting on November 10, 2013 is the following:

“An Associate Certified Entomologist is not a degreed entomologist.  He/she is not to declare themselves as such.  They are pest management professionals with advanced entomological experience gained through their work.  That experience is thus recognized” through the ACE accreditation but is not to be construed as college-gained training.

Section 3.4 was added to the ACE Code of Ethics as a result of this board discussion and is now binding on all ACEs. A snip of the Code is below and the full document can be found here.

The Certification Board Director, Pat Copps (Orkin) articulated this change most eloquently. “To me the new code merely codifies what was always the intent of the ACE program; that it is a certification for the pest control industry and not a degree.”

If anyone has any comments on this, please feel free to reach out to me. I am heartened to see so many of my fellow professionals attaining this certification. It is very good for the industry.

Forrest St. Aubin, BCE-Emeritus
Chair, ACE Support Committee (Entomological Society of America)