Thursday, May 30, 2013

March ... what happened to March?

A very special thanks to Michael Cadenhead, ACE from Crestview, FL for pointing out that I somehow missed getting the ACEs and BCEs who passed their exams in March up on the blog. Sorry for the late notification folks!  We had a ton of prep courses being taught this spring and lots of new ACEs as a result of it (about 100 new ACEs so far this year!). If you want to find an ACE prep course near you, please watch this space.

And with no further delay ... our 35 new ACEs and 1 new BCE from March 2013:

Mr. James Kevin Jeffrey, ACE, (Wil-Kil/Copesan Inc) - Sun Prairie, WI
Mr. William R. Reed II, ACE, (Wil-Kil Pest Control) - Sun Prairie, WI
Mr. Alexander Lee Blahnik, ACE, (Copesan Pest Solutions (Wil-Kil Pest Control)) - Menomonee Falls, WI
Mr. Luis A Morales, ACE, (Magic Pest Management) - Flushing, NY
Mr. Norman Louviere, ACE, (Terminix) - Gulfport, MS
Mr. Michael G. Cadenhead, ACE, (Cadenhead Services Inc) - Crestview, FL
Mr. David Eugene Poplin, ACE, (Able Pest Control Inc. ) - Murrieta, CA
Mr. Mark A DeCinque, ACE, (MAD Exterminator's Inc.) - Norristown, PA
Mr. Charles E. Moore, ACE, (Western Exterminator Company) - Santa Ana, CA
Mr. Robert Peterson Briggs, ACE, (Industrial Fumigant Company (IFC)) - Haslet, TX
Mr. Austin Christopher Mueller, ACE, (Industrial Fumigant Company (IFC)) - Lenexa, KS
Mr. David R Cooper, ACE, (Industrial Fumigant Company (IFC)) - Wichita, KS
Mr. Mitchell Todd Ponton, ACE, (The Industrial Fumigant Company, LLC) - Coldwater, MS
Mr. Thomas R Beck, ACE, (The Industrial Fumigant Company, LLC) - Boerne, TX
Mr. Dennis Alan McClure, ACE, (Ecola Services, Inc.) - Corona, CA
Mr. David A Larson, ACE, (CTR Pest Management) - Newhall, CA
Mr. Hector De La Cruz, ACE, (Ziggy's Pest Control) - Port Hueneme, CA
Mr. Matthew Cromwell, ACE, (Ecolab Pest Elimination) - Yucca Valley, CA
Mr. James Andrew Slusher, ACE, (CSI Exterminating, Inc.) - Fresno, CA
Mr. Edward J Dingman, ACE, (Batzner Pest Management, Inc.) - Franklin, WI
Mr. Eric Sauber, ACE, (ADAM'S Pest Control, Inc.) - Hamel, MN
Mr. Jeffrey L. Keller, ACE, (Arizona Exterminating Co.) - Phoenix, AZ
Mr. Scott Alan Baldwin, ACE, (PestWest Environmental) - Chandler, AZ
Mr. Matt Nixon, ACE, (American Pest) - Fulton, MD
Mr. John W. Stroheker, ACE, (American Pest) - Fulton, MD
Mr. Seth Noel Spears, ACE, (American Pest) - Fulton, MD
Mr. David Billingsly, ACE, (American Pest) - Fulton, MD
Mr. Michael Paul Bergmann, ACE, (America Pest) - Fulton, MD
Mr. Andrew Hollingsworth, ACE, (American Pest) - Fulton, MD
Mr. Charles David Resz, ACE, (Schendel Pest Services) - Olathe, KS
Mr. Michael J Patton, ACE, (Patton Termite and Pest Control Inc) - Wichita, KS
Mr. Gerald Keith Marsh, ACE, (Patton Termite and Pest Control Inc) - Wichita, KS
Mr. Travis Aggson, ACE, (American Pest Management, Inc.) - Manhattan, KS
Mr. Harry Ross, ACE, (Ross Environmental Solutions) - Franklinville, NJ
Mr. David Peraza, ACE, (Orkin) - Riverside, CA
Mr. Scott P. Brown, BCE, (Schendel Pest Services ) - Lawrence, KS