Thursday, May 16, 2013

Continued Growth

The number of spring ACE Prep Courses is slowing down as PMPs move into their busier seasons. However, professionals continue to sit for and pass the rigorous ACE exam. Our hearty congratulations to these newest pest management professionals who can now proudly claim the mantle of Associate or Board Certified Entomologist:

Mr. Daniel Metiva, Jr, ACE, (Rose Pest Solutions), Lansing, MI.  Became ACE-Certified on 5/16/2013
Mr. Barry Lee Bradley, ACE, (Tomlinson Bomberger), Lancaster, PA.  Became ACE-Certified on 5/15/2013
Mr. Dylan Morrison, ACE, (City Wide Exterminating Inc), Charlotte, NC.  Became ACE-Certified on 5/15/2013
Mrs. Marie A. Horner, ACE, (Terminix), Greensboro, NC.  Became ACE-Certified on 5/15/2013
Mr. Johnathon Steven Arnold, ACE, (Specialty Exterminating Co.), Madison Heights, VA.  Became ACE-Certified on 5/15/2013
Mr. Gregory D. Bird, ACE, (PacWest Exterminators), Buena Park, CA.  Became ACE-Certified on 5/15/2013
Mr. William Jeffrey Hope, ACE, (Not provided), Saint Johns, FL.  Became ACE-Certified on 5/9/2013
Mr. Casper Xavier Branagan, ACE, (Bug Nerds), Christmas, FL.  Became ACE-Certified on 5/9/2013
Mr. Michael Bartlett, ACE, (Univ of Florida, Dept of Housing), Gainesville, FL.  Became ACE-Certified on 5/9/2013
Mr. Michael P. Ryan, ACE, (Tempco Pest Control, Inc.), Fort Myers, FL.  Became ACE-Certified on 5/7/2013
Mr. Charles Patrick Oelig, ACE, (Guardian Pest Solutions Inc), Duluth, MN.  Became ACE-Certified on 5/1/2013
Mr. Tom Krenz, ACE, (Batzner Pest Management Inc.), New Berlin, WI.  Became ACE-Certified on 4/22/2013
Ms. Pamela Moore, ACE, (Orkin), Atlanta, GA.  Became ACE-Certified on 4/18/2013
Mr. Dominic J Grisafe, ACE, (Syngenta Professional Pest Management), Yucaipa, CA.  Became ACE-Certified on 4/12/2013
Mr. Michael J Bourdeau, ACE, (Flynn Pest Control), Rehoboth, MA.  Became ACE-Certified on 4/5/2013

Ms. Su Yee Lim, BCE, (University of Georgia), Athens, GA.  Became BCE-Certified on 4/17/2013
Ms. Desiree Richardson, CP-FS, BCE, (The Steritech Group, Inc.), Orlando, FL.  Became BCE-Certified on 4/3/2013