Tuesday, October 27, 2015

PestWorld 2015 recap

I'm still digging out from my great week in Nashville at PestWorld 2015. Here are a few highlights from my week. How about yours?  From the perspective of ACE, here are my top three highlights:

1. Presenting the ACE Professional Award to Mr Michael Goldman, President of Purity Pest Control in Canada. Michael became at ACE at a time when ESA still did not have a way for PMPs to become ACE-certified if they were not based in the United States. His only option was to seek a cross-border license. Which is exactly what he did. Michael has been very active in Canada, Ontario, and Toronto with his community, working hard to make it a healthier world. This prestigious award includes free registration to PestWorld. To apply for the 2016 ACE Professional award, keep an eye on the ESA Awards site.

2. Proctoring an exam session for those taking the ACE exam. I always love doing this. For those that get through the exam successfully, there is nothing better than being able to hand them their new ACE pin and tell them congratulations in person. And for those that don't get through, it is a good opportunity to talk about the program in specific detail and offer encouragement for their next attempt. Overall we were pretty successful in Nashville. We had four people earn their ACE during PestWorld, including one new ACE-International. Congratulations to Henk Pottas (ACE-I), Brian Beining (ACE), John Stellberger (ACE), and Paul Scott (ACE).

3. Debuting the new ACE Study Guide. We had a hard time keeping the books stocked in our booth. Maybe it was the introductory discounted pricing (through Dec 31, 2015 -- hurry and you can get it too!) or maybe it was the general industry buzz, but this is a good book that is finding a home in the structural pest control education market.  We were (and still are, while supplies last) giving away a free copy of the Handbook of Household and Structural Insect Pests with every copy sold. ACE applicants get the book for about 1/2 of the cover price and we have a file folder of  new applications received from people who stopped by our booth. One of the authors, Richard Levine, was working with us in the booth for part of the meeting. I hope you got a chance to meet him.