Thursday, April 24, 2014

Going Fishing: Improper Use of the BCE and ACE logos

This morning I did a little googling (who doesn't from time to time, right?). I do it every week or so as a kind of fishing expedition.

Every couple of days I spend some time looking out over the web trying to find instances where the ACE, BCE, and ESA Certification Corporation logos have been used inappropriately.  Often this is fruitless (which reinforces my belief that overall most people in this industry are responsible and trustworthy), but it is an important task nonetheless.

I do this to protect you, the ACE or BCE.  Anyone who inappropriately uses the ACE or BCE logo is causing you direct harm.  Here's why:

As the ESACC certification programs continue to grow in popularity, seeing a certification logo will have an increasingly larger impact on the customer's purchase decision. Both the BCE and ACE logos connote that the individual has proven themselves to be sufficiently knowledgeable of entomology to take and pass a rigorous examination. And that is something to be proud of. Putting the ACE or BCE logo on your website is a great way to publicly declare to your customers your accomplishment.

When a non-ACE or non-BCE (including former ACEs and BCEs) use the logos or say that they are Associate-Certified or Board-Certified when they are not, it waters down the overall importance of the certification.

The ESACC has established very clear rules for the use of the logos. You are encouraged to read the document and put the ACE or BCE logo on your site. Essentially, here are the rules:

1) Except in very rare circumstances, the ESACC logo should not be used.
2) Any current ACE may use the ACE logo
3) Any current BCE may use the BCE logo
4) Failure to maintain certification results in a revocation of the right to use the logos

It is up to everyone to help enforce the policy.
All ACEs and BCEs are encouraged to report any logo abuse to the ESACC. We are a very small staff and cannot devote as much time as required to protecting our brand. If you come across a site where you suspect that the ESACC logos are being used inappropriately, please contact the ESA Certification Director immediately. You can report abuse anonymously and we will contact the appropriate people to enforce the logo use policy.

Thanks for helping to protect the integrity of YOUR certification.