Thursday, December 5, 2013

How do the ACE changes affect current ACEs?

We've been talking for a bit about the changes coming to the ACE program. And we've talked a little bit about how these changes affect current ACE applicants.

This post discusses how the coming changes affect current ACEs.

As a short recap, these are the primary and recent improvements to ACE:

1) New content outline
2) 3-year renewal structure
3) 3-year application
4) CEUs required with renewal
5) Retired ACE option for those who have been an ACE for at least 7 years

All ACEs should familiarize themselves with the new content outline. In truth it is not dramatically different from the old content, it is just presented in a different and more logical structure. The content will quite likely evolve over time even further, so ACEs must stay aware and conscious of the changes that occur. This is why the addition of CEUs to renewal is so important. It will require ACEs to continue to further their education.

Being an ACE is more than just passing a test. It is an affirmation that you are a professional associate certified entomologist who is dedicated to furthering their knowledge of urban entomology.

You will not need to retest on the new content, but we do insist that you review it (**see the new content outline here **) and understand it. Part of being an ACE is staying current. At some point in the near future you may be asked to sign a notice that you have read and understand the new content outline.

Starting on January 1, 2015 all ACEs will be required to renew with documentation of continuing education (or CEUs). This will not be very different from what you have to turn in to recertify with your state regulators. In fact, ESA gives credit for many activities that further your knowledge most states do not acknowledge (e.g., we grant up to 2 hours per year for reading industry-related publications like PCT, Pest Management Professional, or International Pest Control). ACEs will need to submit an average of 6 CEUs per year for a 3-year period. Those who have good records from 2011-2013 can renew now for the 3-year period. Just use this form.

If you don't have good documentation from the past couple of years, then (a) start saving it for future years, and (b) renew just for 2014. Use the same form as the 3-year option.

Bear in mind that this is a requirement going forward. All ACEs will renew for 3 year period starting on January 1st, 2015. 2014 is a phase-in year.

You do not need to submit back-up documentation with your CEUs at this time. We'll randomly select a percentage of the renewals for audit and you might need back-up at that time, but not initially.