Monday, December 16, 2013

ACEs and BCEs from November 2013

There are 744 ACEs and 430 BCEs as of a few days ago. The list of our newest certified individuals is below:

New ACEs:
Mrs. Kathy Burnard, ACE, (Compass Pest Management), Riverside, CA  USA.  Certified on 11/19/2013.
Mr. John Burnard, ACE, (Compass Pest Management), Riverside, CA  USA.  Certified on 11/19/2013.
Mr. Timothy Arthur Palmatier, ACE, (Pest RX), Riverside, CA  USA.  Certified on 11/19/2013.
Mrs. Dawna Lee Galvin, ACE, (Western Exterminator Company), El Monte, CA  USA.  Certified on 11/21/2013.
Mr. Chris Kalsbeek, ACE, (Advanced IPM), Roseville, CA  USA.  Certified on 11/22/2013.
Mr. Joey Hoke, ACE, (American Pest Management), Manhattan, KS  USA.  Certified on 11/25/2013.
Mr. John Morin, ACE, (Ribbit Pest Control), El Cajon, CA  USA.  Certified on 12/3/2013.
Mr. Aaron C. Eubank, ACE, (Titan Pest Control), Anthem, AZ  USA.  Certified on 12/5/2013.
Mr. Robert Anthony Durham, ACE, (Clients 1st Termite and Pest Control), Oceanside, CA  USA.  Certified on 12/5/2013.
Mr. Robert F. McGee, ACE, (A1/Able Pest Doctors), Dayton, OH  USA.  Certified on 12/6/2013.
Mr. Joseph Randy Martin, ACE, (Hometec Exterminating), Alpharetta, GA  USA.  Certified on 12/6/2013.
Mr. Jeremy H. Miller, ACE, (Advanced Services for Pest Control), Augusta, GA  USA.  Certified on 12/6/2013.
Mr. Samuel Soto, ACE, (First Rate Solutions Inc.), New Windsor, NY  USA.  Certified on 12/7/2013.
Mr. Lloyd Garten, ACE, (Select Exterminating), Franklin Square, NY  USA.  Certified on 12/7/2013.
Mr. Isaac M. Gibson, ACE, (Assured Environments), New York, NY  USA.  Certified on 12/7/2013.
Mr. Eric John Rowan, ACE, (Banzai De Bug Pest Management), New York, NY  USA.  Certified on 12/7/2013.
Mr. George T. Ladd III, ACE, (Banzai De Bug Pest Management), Syosset, NY  USA.  Certified on 12/7/2013.
Mr. William Clark, Jr, ACE, (Thomas Pest Services), Albany, NY  USA.  Certified on 12/7/2013.
Mr. Christopher M. Sackett, ACE, (Orkin Pest Control), Henrietta, NY  USA.  Certified on 12/7/2013.
Mr. Paul M. Trisket, ACE, (Southern Tier Pest Control), Binghamton, NY  USA.  Certified on 12/7/2013.
Mr. Mark Gilbert Moser, ACE, (Orkin Pest Control), Amherst, NY  USA.  Certified on 12/7/2013.
Mr. Brian Mongillo, ACE, (Parkway Pest Services), New Hyde Park, NY  USA.  Certified on 12/7/2013.
Mr. Joseph Ferrandino, ACE, (TNR Exterminators, Inc.), Brooklyn, NY  USA.  Certified on 12/7/2013.
Mr. Donald R Bergquist, ACE, (Select Exterminating Company), Franklin Square, NY  USA.  Certified on 12/7/2013.
Mr. Patsy L. Sposato, ACE, (Parkway Exterminating Co. Inc.), New Hyde Park, NY  USA.  Certified on 12/7/2013.
Mr. Edward J. Sheehan, ACE, (Colony Pest Control), Rockaway Point, NY  USA.  Certified on 12/7/2013.
Mr. Garry G. Milsom, ACE, (Delsea Termite and Pest Control), Kenvil, NJ  USA.  Certified on 12/7/2013.
Mr. Vincent A. Masi, Jr., ACE, (Orkin Pest Control), New Hyde Park, NY  USA.  Certified on 12/7/2013.
Mr. Joel Nolasco, ACE, (Nuborn Pest Control LLC), Mamaroneck, NY  USA.  Certified on 12/7/2013.
Mr. Gary C Blossick, ACE, (Nardy Pest Control, Inc.), Southampton, NY  USA.  Certified on 12/7/2013.
Mr. Andrew Witcher, ACE, (ScorpionTech Termite & Pest Control, Inc.), Mesa, AZ  USA.  Certified on 12/10/2013.
Mr. Michael H. Rogers, ACE, (America Pest Management), Fulton, MD  USA.  Certified on 12/10/2013.

New BCE:
Dr. Freder Medina, BCE, (BASF Corporation), Phoenix, AZ  USA.  Certified on 12/6/2013.


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