Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Build a better BCE

We are revising the BCE Core Exam. And we need your help.

A certification program like BCE (or ACE) should accurately reflect the work that professionals do. Simple, right?  That is until you get into a complex field like entomology. The Board Certified Entomologist (BCE) program is designed for all degreed-entomologists whether they are working in crops, forensics, structural control, a laboratory, or elsewhere.  The BCE Core Exam has to be applicable to every entomologist.

A team of volunteers has developed a new outline for the Core Exam and we want to validate it against what YOU do. If you are working as an entomologist, whether or not you are currently certified by ESA, please take our Job Task Analysis survey.

We'll pull two completed random responses by the deadline of January 19th and award two $50 American Express gift cards.

Click here to take the survey.