Tuesday, December 15, 2015

2015 ESACC Business Meeting

On Wednesday, December 9, 2015 the ESA Certification Corporation held its first ever virtual business meeting. The meeting is normally held during the ESA Annual Meeting, but low attendance caused the Certification Board and business meeting attendees to question if this was the best format and timing. There have been as few as 7 people in the room for the business meeting in recent years.  Over 60 attendees registered to attend and 37 logged in during the presentation and watched it until the end. This is well over twice the number that normally show for a business meeting and nearly a 3-fold increase over last year's attendance.

The meeting was presented by Dr. Laura Higgins, BCE (2015 Chair of the ESA Certification Board). Forrest St. Aubin, BCE-Emeritus (2016 Chair of the Certification Board) was expected to co-present, but he was attending a conference and technical difficulties (i.e., a low-bandwidth connection) at his hotel prevented his being able to log in.

The Bylaws of the corporation call for an annual meeting of the governing board, but do not require a business meeting (though it does make good communication sense to have a regular method where a "state of the program" message may be delivered to all stakeholders).  We will look to refine this process in the coming year and would encourage your comments as to whether or not this is a suitable format for the business meeting in the future. If you have suggestions, we'd love to hear them!

The webinar can be seen below and on the ESA YouTube channel.

It is worth pointing out that the video of the webinar is slightly edited from how it occurred in real-time. The ACE Study Guide video did not play initially when Dr. Higgins tried to launch that via her Powerpoint slides. That technical problem was corrected via the magic of video editing in this version. The net effect is the same, however.

Please send any comments directly to ESA or in the comments section below.  Thanks for watching.