Monday, May 4, 2015

Maryland PMPs: (ACE or BCE) = Recertification

The state of Maryland has once again renewed their agreement with the ESA whereby taking and passing your ACE or BCE exam qualifies you for renewal of your pesticide applicator's license.

We first wrote about this agreement last year and were pleased when Ashley Jones, the staff entomologist in charge of the Maryland Department of Agriculture's Certification and Training program, agreed to continue the program that Ed Crow first signed on to.

If you got your ACE recently and hold a Maryland license, you can simply send the state a copy of your ACE or BCE certificate or letter of passing the exam and you're good to go. Simple and efficient!

Your contact for this Maryland program is:

Ashley Jones, Entomologist
Licensing, Certification and Training
Maryland Department of Agriculture (Pesticide Regulation Section) or (410) 841-5710