Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Journal Access for ESA members

The "pest management science abstracting" email and blog post Certified Science is a good way to stay on top of the latest scientific research affecting your business. Clicking through from the abstracts to the journal articles the first time may require a login if you are an ESA member. To make that simpler, we asked ESA's Publications Director, Lisa Junker, CAE to give us a tutorial. Take it away, Lisa ....

All active ESA members have access to the full text of all ESA journal content, back to volume 1 of each journal. To access our journal content as an authenticated ESA member, you must first log in through www.entsoc.org.

Go to ESA’s home page at www.entsoc.org and click on “Member Log In” in the upper right of the screen. You should be taken to a login screen like the one shown below:

Once you log in, you should be taken to a page with the title “ESA Customer Menu” with two columns of options to choose from. Toward the bottom of the left-hand column, there is a Journals & Publications subhead. Click on “online journals” below that subhead:

This will take you to a page titled “Access ESA Journals.” Click on the link for the journal you wish to access. This will take you to the appropriate journal website and provide that website with authentication so it knows you are a member. You can bookmark this page for future direct access.

If you did come to the journal website as an authenticated user, you should see the following text in the upper right of the screen:

This shows that you are authenticated as an ESA member and have full-text access to our journals.

If you allow cookies on your computer, taking these steps should set a cookie in your system so that you will show up as an authenticated user without needing to log in through ESA’s website again, until that cookie expires. If you don’t allow cookies or your cookie has expired, you can bookmark the “Access ESA Journals” page as noted above.