Thursday, December 18, 2014

Learning more about QualityPro

I've been spending a little time recently learning about Quality Pro, partially in preparation for a Symposia that ESA is supporting in early 2015 at the 8th International IPM Symposium in Salt Lake City, UT. Our session is called Building International Professionalism: Credentialing Options for the People and Places that Practice IPM in the Built Environment, and it will consist of an overview of the various types of credentials that a PMP can earn for his/her company, service, or self.

The Quality Pro (QP) accreditation program seems to be an excellent companion to the ACE and BCE certification programs. Whereas QP focuses on the professionalism of the pest management firm, the focus of ACE/BCE is on the individual. Both programs allow pest management people and firms to voluntarily choose to adhere to a higher level of credentialing and training than is required by the states.

Where the two programs overlap is in requirements that the QP program puts on each individual who works for the company. Since not all states require individual testing for pesticide applicators, QP requires all company employees (yes, even the sales staff) in those states to pass minimum training exams (a list of those states is here).  For ACE and BCE, individual testing is an integral part of the credential. The exams are arguably significantly more difficult for ACE and BCE, based on length if nothing else.

One little-known fact about QP: Among the other benefits, QP has a subsidy toward the ACE exam.

Both programs seek the same goal, that of raising the standard of professionalism of the industry. They just approach it from opposite sides of the employment spectrum.