Friday, November 7, 2014

Tell me a story about professional credentialing (and get a free vest for your trouble)

I want your certification story. If yours is the best story submitted, I'll give you an ACE vest for your trouble.

I'm a big believer that nothing illustrates a point quite like a story. I can give you bullet point lists of why certification is great and important, but it is the real life stories that seem to have the most lasting impact.

I'm preparing for a few speaking presentations in early 2015 and need your war stories. I'll use some of your stories for the presentation and some for future posts on the blog. I want to know:
  1. How has certification built your business?
  2. How has the LACK of certification been a problem?
This could be stories of your own experience with ACE or BCE, or it could be something that you heard about from another industry entirely unrelated to pest control.

Tell me about ...
  • the time you went to Costa Rica and went bungee jumping but foolishly chose to go with the uncertified operator.
  • when you took your car to a mechanic that did not have his ASE certification and the new muffler he installed fell off as you drove your kids to soccer practice.
  • what happened when you had a non-certified snow plow operator take care of your lot and he plowed over all your shrubs.
Or, tell me about ...
  • how you studied for years to earn your certification because you wanted to make your parents proud of you.
  • how your business improved because you got certified.
  • the big client you landed because you have certified professionals on your staff
  • How your employees look at you differently now that you are certified.
Whatever your certification or professional development story, I want to hear it. I've got a free ACE fleece vest for the best story submitted by January 20, 2015. Of course, you have to be a current ACE to get the vest.

Email me at with the subject line "Certification Stories"