Thursday, April 25, 2013

Reality TV opportunity

Now I'm not usually a big fan of reality TV, but where it intersects with my profession, it can be pretty cool. I heard from a producer of Animal Planet’s TV show Infested!. 

They are currently looking for unique, challenging and ultimately resolved stories of pest infestation for their new series this year. Of course with a program such as this, they are after the most severe and problems to make for interesting stories for their viewers! The only true stipulation is that the critters have to have invaded the someone's home and the owners have to have struggled to rid themselves of the animal/insect.

If you have ever come across any particularly unique infestations in the past they would love to hear from you. Think big and think back on your experiences as a PMP. What kind of bed bugs, spiders, ants, bees, snakes, stink bugs, rodents (etc, etc) have you seen?  

From a marketing standpoint, it can be really good exposure for you to show how your firm has tackled crazy problems. 

If you're interested in submitting an idea, please contact Be sure to reference ‘Entomological Society of America’ so that we get some love too!