Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Promote your ACE and BCE

How are you using your certification to an advantage? Make sure that people know you have earned your certification and proudly put those three letters behind your name on your business cards, your advertisements, your website, your badge at meetings. And insist that if you are interviewed for a press article that they include ACE or BCE next to your name.  Why?

Because it establishes you as a professional; a cut above. Anyone who has taken the time to acquire the knowledge that you did to earn this prestigious certification should be proudly letting others know of this achievement.

It also makes good business sense. People get certified for different reasons. Some do it to establish credibility, some to seek other jobs, some to use as a marketing chip. At some point in your career you decided that you wanted to become certified as an associate or board certified entomologist. What advantage is it to you if nobody knows you earned it.

So get out your horn and trumpet to the world that you earned your ACE or BCE!